Peasant Buckets

Beautiful vintage pale wood bucket with knotted twigs around centre.
A stunning accessory to add to your studio & perfect for newborns or sitters.

Each bucket is an original - no two are the same! Markings, dents, chips & cracks contribute to the lovely vintage design so please keep this in mind when purchasing. Some have twigs at top and bottom and others have just one - if you have a preference please contact us after placing your order.

Buckets are available in TWO sizes:

Medium:  Approx. 35cm diameter x 30cm height (inner diameter: approx. 32cm)
Large:  Approx. 40cm diameter x 32cm height (inner diameter: approx. 35cm)

*Please note - size/dimensions may vary between 1-3cm. Large size bucket suitable for sitters.

Images courtesy of SD Photography Mildura, Belly Baby and Co Photography, Memories of You Photography, Devina Wright Photography & Kirative Images