Heavenly Wool Fillers – Princess & the Pea Props

Heavenly Wool Fillers


These beautiful wool fillers are so soft and come in many beautiful shades. You will receive a generous bag of filler in one or two lengths, weighing approx. 200g (1/2 lb). Plenty to layer in a bowl or basket for a heavenly soft layer under bub!

Arrange in a curly fashion for a beautiful effect!

Please note:  As these are a natural product, please avoid heavy washing as they will become felted. If your filler becomes stained, you can remove a small part of the filler, or otherwise very gently hand wash in cold water with little agitation before drying naturally.

Images courtesy of Emily Clare Photography, Life Cycle Images Photography, La Boite a Photos - Emeline Pajot Photographe & Photography by Serine

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