September 04, 2021

Your Guide to Choosing Newborn Photo Props

Your Guide to Choosing Newborn Photo Props | Princess & the Pea Props

Choosing newborn photography props is so important for any newborn photographer. It is vital that you and your clients have access to a beautiful selection of props to make sure that your session runs smoothly and that suits the different needs of each newborn you photograph.

Newborn Photography Props

With so many options out there, it's hard to be come overwhelmed and confused about what you should and shouldn't purchase!  Normally you have a set budget and it can be easy to go over your limit when buying props that you love. If you keep the following tips in mind, it will be easy to select the right props for you and your business, so that everyone is happy.

Your Go-To Favourite Prop

It is so important for every newborn photographer to have a go-to prop for every newborn session. A wooden bowl is normally a fantastic choice, as the options for posing a newborn are absolutely endless! Bowls are easy to photograph and there are so many options for setup that this is a vital prop for every photographer. Simply fill with blankets, lace, fur and baby on top!  Some of the bowl props we recommend would be our Wooden Heart Bowl or Oatmeal Bowls. Newborn bowls are super versatile and appeal to a wide range of clients, so you can be guaranteed that you'll produce images that they will love! Newborns are easy to pose in a bowl, especially if you have that extra-fussy newborn that just can't be settled. 

Newborn Photography Props

Be Unique

As every newborn photographer knows, it is important not just to have a go-to prop, but also have something unique that you're able to offer your clients. Newborn photography is a very competitive field and to stand out in your field, it's good to have a few props that stand out from the rest and show your individual style. You might think about purchasing a bamboo baby papasan chair, rusted vintage bed or even a wooden moon bowl. Whatever you choose, the prop should reflect your own personality and style.

Newborn Photography Props

Colour Selections

Which colours to choose for your newborn photography session? The trends are constantly changing and photographers need to be aware of what is popular and fashionable. Generally with newborn sessions, neutral colours have always been popular (white, cream, beige, brown) and also suit both girls & boys. Right now these colours are very popular with newborn photographers using a boho/organic theme with their images. Sometimes you might have a client that wishes to choose a particular colour for their newborn shoot theme, to match their baby's room or clothing. Whether it be neutrals, soft pastels or brighter colours, it is important to use colours that have the same tone and won't clash in your newborn images.

Newborn Photography Props


It is so important to use your own style as a guide when starting out in newborn photography. When building up your prop collection, purchase props that you personally love the look of and that suit your own personal style. Are you struggling coming up with a style that you like? Often it helps to create a colour board where you can choose the colours and styles that appeal to you, and go from there. Make note of different colours, textures and patterns that you like and that resonate with you personally.

Newborn Photography Props


There is nothing worse that a client not being able to find props that they want to use in their baby's newborn session. This is why having variety is so important for every newborn photographer. Wraps, blankets, layers, headbands, garlands, bonnets, knitted items, bowls, beds and other large props should be on your must-have list. You can start off with a few items and then slowly add to your prop collection over time. It is so important to make your client feel happy that they have chosen props in their session that they love (and have images that they will love looking back at for years to come).

Newborn Photography Props

Your Budget

When starting out as a newborn photographer, it can be easy to become overwhelmed at the huge choice of newborn photo props out there! What you need to remember is to start off with a few basic pieces, and then you can slowly build up from there. Choose props that you feel comfortable and happy using, such as wraps, layers, bowls & beds, starting off with a few matching shades with the aim of increasing your selections later. Your images will turn out much better when you are using newborn props that are good for posing and within your budget.

Keep it Safe

When choosing newborn photography props, safety of newborns should be every photographer's number one concern. Newborn props should be well-built, sturdy and offer comfort to newborns (no sharp edges).  Every prop you choose should be adequately padded with blankets, pillows & layers to ensure that your newborn is safe, secure and will be comfortable during your newborn session. Lighter props should be weighted down (you can use hand weights or other heavy items) and the baby's head should be supported at all times. 

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Image credit: McGill Photography, Trudi Bartley Photographer, Soulful Light Images, Little Dreamers Photography & Little Minx Photography.