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Top 5 Newborn Photo Props You Should Own Now

Top 5 Newborn Photo Props You Should Own Now | Princess & the Pea Props

When starting out as a newborn photographer, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which newborn photo props to purchase. It is essential that you choose props that will cover you for every type of newborn session and will start off your newborn photography business successfully. 

Newborn Photography Props

Props are such a vital part of every newborn photographer's studio. One reason that clients hire a newborn photographer is so that they can choose from the selection of newborn props they offer. Parents normally aren't keen to purchase a whole bunch of their own props, so it is vital that photographers have a good selection to offer their clients.

When choosing newborn props, make sure that you don't blow your whole budget on a few expensive items! It's so important to have a handful of props you can turn to for every newborn session that are attractive, high quality and that your clients will love. You can easily select a few props that will suit your own personal style, stay in budget and impress your clients at the same time. The following list includes items that you simply won't be able to live without!


Newborn clients just love pretty headwear in their sessions. Whether it be headbands, tiebacks or garlands, newborn photographers need to ensure they have a few pretty items on hand to suit a particular colour theme. You might choose to have a simple dainty tieback or an organic garland made from dried flowers. It's a good idea to have headwear in the colours that you'll use the most, and that will suit your other larger props. Whatever you choose, make sure you'll be able to use it in future sessions and that it will match other items in your collection.

Newborn Photography Props


Wraps are so important to every newborn photographer, mainly because they ensure that a newborn is comfortable and settled when being posed in a newborn prop. You'll be using at least a couple of wraps in every newborn session! There is such a huge variety of wraps out there, so it's vital to choose well. When selecting wraps, newborn photographers should choose designs that are soft, stretchy, and attractive to look at. The most popular wraps are Jersey Wraps, which are super-stretchy and come in a lovely selection of colours. They are nice and roomy, meaning your can comfortably wrap up a newborn and they will be happy and settled in the prop of your choice. Other wraps include mohair wraps or fringed swaddles, which are also a gorgeous option for newborn photographers. It's easy to style these wraps in multiple ways, depending on the style of your newborn shoot.

Newborn Photography Props


Do you ever wonder why some newborn images are so visually appealing? It's because they use multiple layers in their setups. Lace layers, crochet blankets, fringed layers and macrame are so popular right now, and the styling options for them are absolutely endless! Layers are fantastic for hiding padding in a bowl or basket, and add so much pretty texture to an image. Choose layers that will suit your own personal style and colour theme to ensure you end up with images that your client will love.

Newborn Photography Props


There is so much gorgeous newborn clothing available right now, and your client will love selecting a few beautiful pieces to complement their newborn setup! Rompers, overalls, dresses & pants are always very popular. Hand knitted items add a special touch to a client's images, and newborns love their softness. Whatever you choose, make sure that your client is happy to use it and that it complements the colour scheme that you've chosen.


A newborn bowl is always a must-have item, essential for every newborn photographer. Bowls come in many shapes and sizes, including these lovely Wooden Heart Bowls or Wooden Moon Bowls. There are also regular round wooden bowls, definitely a staple of many newborn photographers. The choices are endless so make sure you choose a bowl that appeals to you and that you'll be able to use for years to come.

Newborn Photography Props

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