September 05, 2021

Your Guide to the Newborn Froggy Pose

Your Guide to the Newborn Froggy Pose | Princess & the Pea Props

The newborn froggy pose would have to be one of the most adorable and popular newborn poses there is out there! It's always on a newborn photographer's most-requested list, but did you know that it can also be one of the most challenging poses and is achieved using composite images?

There's so much information out there about newborn posing so we thought we'd do all the hard work for you!  We've found a few amazing articles about froggy posing below from newborn photographers that are specialists in their field, and have compiled them for you here!  No need to thank us, we know ;)

Kelly Brown has always been an expert in her field, and when it comes to froggy posing, she's an absolute pro! Check out this amazing video tutorial she's put together - it goes into great details and she covers the most important factors of safety, composite posing and using a spotter.

If you're a newborn photographer then no doubt you've heard of Click Magazine. They have an amazing article created by photographer Rebecca Danzenbaker about her newborn posing workflow, which include froggy posing. This is also an amazing resource for other aspects of newborn posing, so definitely worth a read!  Towards the end of the article Rebecca has also included a fantastic video demonstration of how a froggy pose is accomplished using composite images.
Summer Elizabeth Photography is based in Phoenix, AZ and in her amazing blog article here, she demonstrates how to achieve a froggy pose with safety always in mind. She explains that a froggy pose involves much practise and should always be done with an assistant/spotter present, and also that not all babies will like being posed in this position (and to be mindful of that fact!).
Her article includes several video tutorials and also a great step-by-step flow diagram of how it's done. A fantastic resource for every newborn photographer.
Newborn Posing
Another fantastic blog article to feast your eyes upon is this article courtesy of Sarah Borchgrevink Photography. It also includes a great step-by-step flow diagram of how the experts achieve this pose, and she also mentions how a newborn photographer can achieve variety by photographing this pose from different angles. All in all, a wonderful article by another talented photographer.
Newborn Posing
We hope that this has saved you time in researching the ever-popular froggy pose! Don't forget to check out our amazing range of newborn photography props here (use code LOVE10 for a 10% DISCOUNT)!